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This WEB site was prepared for OGame players. All tools are semi-automatic. In OGame, you can't use full automatic tools because of game rules. You must move OGame information via Copy-Paste operations.

What is OGame?


OGame is a web site massively multiplayer game. The game was described in game side as "OGame is a wordategic space simulation game with thousands of players competing with each other simultaneously. All you need to play is a standard web browser."

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I need some money to develop this tools and other OGame useful tools. Please, donate my site.

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Our OGame Tools

Most useful tools are Combat Report (CR) Converter and Calculator. The tools are online. That means all you need to use this tools is a standard web browser.

Takana's CR Converter

The tool could convert CR's to colorful forum reports.
Link: CR ConverterLink

Takana's OGame Calculator

The tool calculates costs of buildings, research, fleet and defence conwordutions.
Link: CalculatorLink

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Takana's OGame Tools usage.
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Change Log

Tools version informations and changes.
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OGame Links

OGame server addresses and other OGame useful web pages.
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How you can contact with me.
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